Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Always Sunny in Asheville

We were awoken this morning to the beautiful sound of our doorbell followed by pounding on the front door. Yet our moods quickly changed to excitement when we received a package addressed to:

It was a package of goodies from Kyle! There was a sweet little note inside that brought "Daddy" to tears.

I was super excited to discover a hand altered Florida photo album!

The Boys were so excited about their new It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia DVD that Patapouf's head blurred into combustible excitement.

YESSSS!!! S'MORES STICKS!!! I had left mine at home!!

Patapouf was hoping for a treat, but all he got was this B.O.B cd.

It's perfect timing in the end since we will see Kyle in only 3 days!! We love all of our goodies! Now we're gonna go break dance in the living room to B.O.B.

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