Sunday, August 29, 2010

Field Frolicking at Biltmore (TONS of pictures!)

I just realized I uploaded all of these pictures in the wrong order...oh well, no turning back now. So we went to the Biltmore estate with intentions of reading and relaxing somewhere but instead ended up frolicking through a Bamboo field (or is it forest?), a Sunflower field, AND (my ultimate dream!) a cornfield! Tom was a little snaphappy with the camera so here are most of his pictures in reverse order...

I don't think Poof enjoyed the cornfield very much, after wandering around (and me realizing a dog on a leash in a cornfield is a terrible idea) he probably thought to himself "ok, whatever, it's all the same) and promptly found his way out.

Tom being a scarecrow.

Excited and looking devious since I'm probably not supposed to go in there.

I couldn't not post this. Best Patapouf picture EVER. Hahahahhahahaha!! (Mom, show these ridiculous dog pictures to J.C. he'll love them !)

My favorite

No wait, this might be my favorite. Lovely Poof urinating on Biltmore property in front of all the cars driving by!

Once the wind started swaying these bamboos, it makes sense that there are some knocked over behind me. Glad I didn't get clocked in the head.

We were here the week before when most of the giant sunflowers (many probably over 6ft tall) were towards the end of their blooms

Friday, August 20, 2010

Disc Golf?

Last weekend, our friend Arnaldo introduced us to the always interesting game of "disc golf."

I personally don't have much to say about this sport or game or whatever it is. I'm just baffled as to why on earth somebody would think to play golf...with a frisbee...going UP and DOWN mountains and through the woods for 18 holes!?

I gave up as soon as I saw how far the basket (or hole?) was. Most of the time, you really can't even see the baskets and you end up just hoping for the best. Or better yet (and I should've taken a picture), one hole had a giant mirror strapped to the top of a tree so that you can attempt to see your basket. Ridiculous.

So instead of playing, I hiked along and took pictures. It sure was a work out. Out of all the hikes we've done so far...the disc golf course was the one that kicked my butt.

Keagan the giant beast dog

Outlined for your viewing pleasure

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Laurel River Hike!

Once I discovered information on this hike online, I was surprised by how it took no convincing at all when I mentioned to Tom that it was 7 miles round trip. Even better was the fact that the drive was only a half an hour instead of the usual hour or more it takes to find some good hikes outside of Asheville. The hike had a strange beginning, technically through someone's backyard (first picture) and then through a dirt road where we had to smush ourselves against some trees when a car passed.

Some background info I found: The Laurel River feeds into the French Broad River (which runs through Asheville). The trail follows along what was once an old railroad bed (although there are absolute no railroad remains in sight, so I question this information). The end of the trail reveals the remains of what was once the logging town of Runion. Apparently founded by New Yorkers about a hundred years ago, loggers would chop and float their wood down the Laurel River to the sawmill where it was then shipped by rail down along the French Broad to other areas. The town once thrived with over 1,000 inhabitants but crumbled when the logging company went bankrupt in 1916.

The entire trail was along the river

River BEACH!!

These funky little statues made by hikers are proving to be pretty popular in these parts. We've seen a couple along other river trails. This one was taller than me!

Adding to the totem

the beavers are working hard

The trail rises steadily towards the middle and you eventually end up with awesome views of gorge/canyon. This picture doesn't do much justice to how high the rocks climb along the edges of the river.
This is apparently the old sawmill. It was pretty massive on the outside but seemed pretty small looking in.
The end of the trail, the now active railroad that runs along the French Broad.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Taco Thursday for Tom's Birthday!

Tom requested Tacos for his birthday dinner. It's always interesting to see our creative taco differences. Who puts sour cream first anyways?

This is how it's done. Both shells. Oh yea.

After Hurricane TnT passed:

A big boy at 25!

BLUE Velvet cupcakes!

An intense birthday musical moment:

The musical fiasco was followed by the obligatory game of cards

These are the cutest cards ever

Note to mom: This one's from your bouquet! Still alive!

And since it was Tom's birthday, I of course had to listen to The Walkmen all night

Oh, and I got schooled at cards as usual.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Patapouf: A Photographic Study

I might be obsessed with my dog. But really, Tom is probably tired of me being in his face with the camera all the time. So now I annoy the dog.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Nearly all of my summer camp supplies for no more than $75.