Friday, August 20, 2010

Disc Golf?

Last weekend, our friend Arnaldo introduced us to the always interesting game of "disc golf."

I personally don't have much to say about this sport or game or whatever it is. I'm just baffled as to why on earth somebody would think to play golf...with a frisbee...going UP and DOWN mountains and through the woods for 18 holes!?

I gave up as soon as I saw how far the basket (or hole?) was. Most of the time, you really can't even see the baskets and you end up just hoping for the best. Or better yet (and I should've taken a picture), one hole had a giant mirror strapped to the top of a tree so that you can attempt to see your basket. Ridiculous.

So instead of playing, I hiked along and took pictures. It sure was a work out. Out of all the hikes we've done so far...the disc golf course was the one that kicked my butt.

Keagan the giant beast dog

Outlined for your viewing pleasure

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  1. That's sick! What were all those caterpillar-like things?!