Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Short but Action Packed trip to the Motherland!

My trip started with a short flight from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale where I saw my love Samantha by a stroke of luck that we happened to be at the airport at the same time! We chatted for too short of time until my momma picked me up for a beach morning! This was our lovely view for a few hours!

After my 5 hour layover, I hopped on a plane to Plattsburgh, NY where my brother picked me up. It was the smallest airport ever. When I got to my brother's house in Canada I had to pass further security inspection by the kitties. Here's Snow doing a baggage check.

We ate some amazing Lebanese food, watched some hockey and I passed out from too much food. The next day we went to Chambly for a nice walk through the park by the river.

being silly with my brother

Two of my favorite people. My bro and Caro!

We ate breakfast at this awesome pink house. Crepes with field berries. Yum, Yum!

Marieville farmland

Then I got myself stamped with some hometown pride.

Old Montreal

funky apartments

We met my sister downtown for some dinner and I transferred over from the prairie lands to the snowy mountains.

Pajama dancing in the kitchen.

My amazing cousin drove over 4 hours in one night just to hang for a bit and bring me to the best poutine place in town (over 20 different kinds)! He was feeling brave that night and ordered the unhealthiest meal on the planet (not that any of them are really anywhere close to healthy at all)

He got the T-Rex poutine. Here's a close up of a heart attack in the making. French fries, cheese curd, gravy, ground beef, chunks of pepperoni, bacon, and smoked sausage.

I opted for the "Pizza Poutine." Gravy (why they didn't put pizza sauce instead is a mystery), cheese curd, chunks of pepperoni, and green bell peppers. Yummm.

Here's a close up to make you even sicker. In the back is the bestest poutine of all...the "Italian Poutine."

As if that weren't enough to make us keel over, we went to a local bar for some beer and hockey. Hopefully I will be posting a video my cousin took of our team scoring a goal. It's absolute insanity. Hockey is religion over there. On the way home I absolutely had to pick up some Tim Hortons donuts. Maple and Raspberry/Lemon. Win.

My adorable munchkin of a niece.

She likes to help momma put away the dishes. Very cute!

"Why is she constantly taking pictures of me!?" Get out of my face Aunt Tati-nana.

The Viking!! An awesome roller coaster that takes you down a mountain. The best part is you can control your own speed. My sister and I screamed like kids the whole way down. Way to much fun!

My brother the Easter bunny brought me lots of treats this Easter! I somehow managed to consume all of this candy plus a huge chocolate Easter bunny from my sister and whatever leftover candy my niece couldn't eat from her Easter basket in 4 days.

A giraffe gummy that was almost too cute to eat!

Sugar shack!! Apparently I've been to these traditional dining establishments before in my youth but I truly don't remember. I had no idea it was a communal dining sort of thing but it was awesome. Super warm and friendly. Fixed menu of traditional Quebec goodies. Crazy speedy service, ending with the most satisfying feeling of fullness.

Some of my favorite people on the planet. My Sis and her Hubby being silly.

hanging with accordion players at the sugar shack...it's what we do.

Madame Maelle
And so the food begins! Creton (ground pork spread with onions and spices), rolls, steamed onions, beet pickles, cucumber pickles, salade de choux (like coleslaw but with vinegar...my absolute favorite food ever), baked beans, boiled potatoes, meatballs & gravy, an obscene amount of eggs, ham, and some kind of amazing deep fried bacon chips. All of this combined with a whole lot of maple syrup.

Dessert #1: Sugar pie. Amazing.

Dessert #2: Not sure how to accurately describe this but maple syrup is boiled until it thickens (I think) and then they pour it on the snow to make it harden. We roll it onto our popsicle sticks and enjoy! Then we suffer from intense sugar comas. Yum!

She loved it so much that all we heard after that was more! more!

Mira/Mimi d'amoo

She likes to feed her dog carrots. too cute.

More to come later!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

spring & farming fun

A couple of pictures from the week:

my favorite tulips

some kind of funky grass



Thomas swore this looked like Garfield

Saturday morning wake up call

Skippy the farm cat. Part of my job interning on the farm is helping remove "natty-dreads" from his neck. He's my new best friend.


the vegetable garden before planting

the unfinished greenhouse

it's finally starting to look like spring in the mountains! Although it was barely 40 degrees in this picture!

the view of the first half of the farm from the road. This is probably where I spend most of my time. The first row has the muscadine grapes I mulched, then there are a couple of rows of raspberries (which Thomas helped me mulch when he came), and then some blackberries. Today we planted some new raspberry plants and removed the bigger rocks in the way of the vegetable garden. My fingers are killing me from not wearing the right gloves for this. I don't know how everyone else did it with their bare hands.

the stream along the road

more pictures from the road

I'll be super excited to post my next few batches of pictures from the farm (since things are starting to sprout and grow) and from Canada! I'm off to the Great White North on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited! I have a wonderful 5 hour layover stop in Ft. Lauderdale and my momma is going to drop me off at the beach for a couple of hours before jumping back on the plane! I'm expecting beach and snow...all in one day!