Sunday, April 17, 2011

spring & farming fun

A couple of pictures from the week:

my favorite tulips

some kind of funky grass



Thomas swore this looked like Garfield

Saturday morning wake up call

Skippy the farm cat. Part of my job interning on the farm is helping remove "natty-dreads" from his neck. He's my new best friend.


the vegetable garden before planting

the unfinished greenhouse

it's finally starting to look like spring in the mountains! Although it was barely 40 degrees in this picture!

the view of the first half of the farm from the road. This is probably where I spend most of my time. The first row has the muscadine grapes I mulched, then there are a couple of rows of raspberries (which Thomas helped me mulch when he came), and then some blackberries. Today we planted some new raspberry plants and removed the bigger rocks in the way of the vegetable garden. My fingers are killing me from not wearing the right gloves for this. I don't know how everyone else did it with their bare hands.

the stream along the road

more pictures from the road

I'll be super excited to post my next few batches of pictures from the farm (since things are starting to sprout and grow) and from Canada! I'm off to the Great White North on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited! I have a wonderful 5 hour layover stop in Ft. Lauderdale and my momma is going to drop me off at the beach for a couple of hours before jumping back on the plane! I'm expecting beach and snow...all in one day!


  1. #1. I want to know more about this farm! it looks so wonderful!
    #2. its looks like thomas and poof are EXACTLY like mike and omelette. i swear, mike is the cat wisperer.
    #3. they're sending you all the way to ft laudy just to send you back up north?!?

  2. A. Tom is totally right about the Garfield eggs. Remarkable.
    2. Muscadines are the shiiiiit.
    - Have fun in Canada, though I'm confused, weren't you trying to escape the cold.
    *See you in May!