Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is what happens when you get caught in constant rain while hiking.

Tom surprised me with an antique rocking chair! I love it!

This is what happens when you let a transplanted Boca Raton woman "trim" your hair. It stops at the end of the picture. She chopped off 3 inches! After nearly a year of not cutting my hair to get it long, I'm back to where I started! This is my distorted sad face.

Pour Isa et Eric, ca c'est mon salon. (hopefully I spelled that right)

Hoot! Hoot! It's Rachel's surfing peace owl about our bedroom window!

My new deona painting that reminds me of Florida :) It's on an old wooden cabinet door.

My dresser with my other deona painting that Tom got me :) and our robot! (P.S. LINDA! there is a new jar on my dresser for RIVERGLASS!!!) I meant to take a close up! The colors are amazing and I think they smooth up a lot faster! I'll send you some!)

Thrift store find that I just couldn't sell on my etsy store. It's too cute for me to give up. Painted on a piece of stone!

From my favorite little after-carer Sophia :) I know she spelled teacher wrong but hey, i'm only the after care teacher so I don't do spelling lessons.

The Poofer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gigantic Update!

Let me begin this post with what I think is the most hilarious picture from the entire weekend. Check out the face on Little Thomas! HAHA!
Ok, now let's backtrack. Last weekend Tom and I went blueberry picking at Long Branch. Initially I'm sure we had about 14 cups of berries, but Tom consumed 2-4 cups between passing by the bucket and the car ride home.

Everything that didn't wind up in Tom's stomach went into a giant pot of blueberry jam.
And then!! (Check this out Mom!!!) I successfully made CREPES!!!! I feel like such an accomplished Frenchie! Finally! Tom pretty much inhaled this.

A sunflower I grew
My toppling tomato plant. Drastic measures called for a tomato cage on top of another cage.
Some flowers we planted when we first moved in.


And some lettuce.

As for this weekend, we went to Clayton/Black Mountain, Georgia for a family reunion on Tom's maternal grandmother's side. We were sooo happy to have been invited a day early to stay at Aunt Emily and Uncle Smitty's gorgeous mountain cabin. For whatever reason I didn't take my camera out once at the cabin but I have the mental image!

The morning of the reunion, Momma Joanie took us for a drive along the Tallulah River. How gorgeous!! Unfortunately the Poofman blocked a lot of photo opportunities while stumbling all over my lap. This is the only decent one I managed to take.

Poof the explorer conquering Black Mountain, Georgia.
Awesome fact about Black Mountain: Tom's great-grandfather was the park's superintendant who helped develop and establish the park. He even lived on site! How cool is that! My dream job!


Even sillier.

We tried to get Uncle Bill to take a picture with his new favorite singing pup, but it didn't work. This picture with Aunt Carol is way cuter anyway!

Note to Linda & Rachel: We might have the break the law a few times when you come up! I don't agree with this rule!

At the playground:

What is this? A college party?? Silly Tom.

Taking pictures of these cuties proves to be one of my biggest challenges. Nearly all of my pictures of them from last Christmas in Asheville are blurry. At least I caught Little Thomas clearly in this pic.

I'm convinced this see-saw was made for big kids.

Mr. Little Thomas.

Adorable Michael.

The whole gang!

Cute picture with Momma Joanie.

The fake baby project. One of Tom's 2nd or 3rd cousins had to have the robot baby all weekend! I can only imagine how many times poor Taylor had to wake up in the middle of the night to get this thing to stop crying.

Uncle Bill laughing at Poof's farewell song.

Lovin' up the sun on the car ride home.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The effects of driving in NC

See that huge bush in the reflection? Yup, it did that.

My poor driving skills and not being aware that there was a fire hydrant behind me did this:

lovely close up of my hole-punched car:

And I don't even have a clue as to what did this to my windshield but this picture does not do it justice. Got this driving on the highway within the first few days of getting here