Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is what happens when you get caught in constant rain while hiking.

Tom surprised me with an antique rocking chair! I love it!

This is what happens when you let a transplanted Boca Raton woman "trim" your hair. It stops at the end of the picture. She chopped off 3 inches! After nearly a year of not cutting my hair to get it long, I'm back to where I started! This is my distorted sad face.

Pour Isa et Eric, ca c'est mon salon. (hopefully I spelled that right)

Hoot! Hoot! It's Rachel's surfing peace owl about our bedroom window!

My new deona painting that reminds me of Florida :) It's on an old wooden cabinet door.

My dresser with my other deona painting that Tom got me :) and our robot! (P.S. LINDA! there is a new jar on my dresser for RIVERGLASS!!!) I meant to take a close up! The colors are amazing and I think they smooth up a lot faster! I'll send you some!)

Thrift store find that I just couldn't sell on my etsy store. It's too cute for me to give up. Painted on a piece of stone!

From my favorite little after-carer Sophia :) I know she spelled teacher wrong but hey, i'm only the after care teacher so I don't do spelling lessons.

The Poofer.

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  1. aww tatiana! i'm happy to see the peace owl above your window :) and that plate your student drew for you is so cute! that must be the best feeling. :)
    peace & love!!