Sunday, December 5, 2010


We woke up late this morning to lots of sunshine coming through our window thinking it might be a little warmer outside. When I went to the window and found this instead:

Poof was not to thrilled about it and was too busy shivering to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, he's just going to have to get used to it!

By the time I had breakfast and got out of the shower, half the snow had already melted!

This is our neighbor's dog Honeycomb. She's a huge local celebrity and kind of the cutest thing ever. She's spotted in car line at school almost every day and all of my students go absolutely crazy everytime they see her. She even showed up at the SEY House (where my after school program is held) yesterday and tried to come in, leading to a massive mess of kids at the front door trying to get out to pet her. But when she saw the stampede of kids at the door she just stuck by me outside for a bit until I saw she wasn't just roaming around and our neighbors were in fact hanging out at the church. I had chocolate covered pretzels to make with the kids so I had to tell her sayonara little pup.

running with Tom

I believe these two pups had a break up because Honeycomb has been pretty much trying to hurt him every time he's out for the past month. Here she is going in for the kill.

Staring at us from our yard

Now that i'm almost done with this blog entry, it's pouring snow again! I can't keep up with this weather!