Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thinking of Friends

In no particular order. I love and miss all of you so so much...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Biltmore with Friends!

On Saturday we scored the last two tickets join Jessica and Nick on the "Butler's Tour" of the Biltmore Estate. I love Biltmore, so as usual I was super excited. I'm really looking forward to warmer weather so we can see the garden in spring! Unfortunately, we can't take pictures in the here are some quick snaps of the outside.

Based on Jessica's expression, I'm assuming Tom said something pretty gross.

Oh, and ice cream outside in barely 50 degrees is always a bad idea.

Here is the view from the balcony of the first floor. Amazing.

But if you look a little closer...horses!

Of all the pics I snapped of them this is the only one that came out. Jessica had her eyes closed in all the others! And you can't even see her eyes in this one! haha

Biltmore at sundown

And some courtyard statues

On another note, my seeds have been sprouting! So far I have tomatoes, lettuce, marigolds, cucumbers, and some flowers

And this is what I wake up to over the weekends since Tom let's the Poof on the bed. Charming, aren't they?

Not as pretty as a Florida sunset but it sure is pretty over the mountains!

More pics and adventures with the coming of spring!