Monday, January 23, 2012

Cernuda Came to Town!

Our favoritest Netherlands McDonald's commercial star stopped in for a quick visit before shipping off the Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. Wishing you all wisdom in 2012 from all of us and the Rice University wise owl.

We managed to cram in a whole lot of activity into barely 2 days. Here's Thomas and I after spending a half hour deciding our meal at a build your own burger place. Wayyy too many options. I got a herbed goat cheese sun dried tomato burger with alfalfa sprouts and balsamic dressing. YUM.

Dessert? No problem. We went to a chocolate bar where Cernuda settled on some kind of triple chocolate mud pie with chocolate orange ice cream.

We had a "best picture with the dinosaur graffiti contest." I definitely lost.

Visited the wall of water. It makes you really dizzy and nauseous.

and it was super windy. Poof was not a fan.

This is my best imitation if Vanessa's gangsta face I've seen in so many pictures

Fun weekend indeed! Have fun in the snow Cernuda!

New Years

New Years included a whole lot of fun downtown...

Hope it was a good one for you too!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Belated Christmas

So I've been doing horrible with this blog thing lately. Truth is, there isn't much to do in Houston for nature people. We've started going to Rice University campus on Sundays to walk with the dog for some exercise but that's another post.

Here's a surprise we had from Momma Joanie in early December!

We had all sorts of goodies in there! We got a lot of great things to decorate with and Poof knew this little package had some sweet treats in it for him!

a big mess as usual

In case you haven't heard about our pipe tapping issue, this is what our "living room" looked like for 2 weeks during Christmas. In short, after replacing a pipe and sealing the wall back up. They had to cut through again and muted the noise with more insulation. Here's to hoping that will keep it muted until we move out in August.

We got a gingerbread house kit for xmas too!!

we're not very skilled in decorating

the final product