Tuesday, February 21, 2012

chicken heaven

I made this lemon pepper roast chicken a few weeks ago. My first roast! It was delicious.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Busy Bees

Life is so busy here in Houston. Thomas is back in school full force and swamped with work 24/7. I'm working and taking in any free time to cook. Not to mention nearly 8 hours of Tahitian rehearsals on Thursday and Fridays.

Did I mention Hawai'i Hula Oni' E competition is a no go? We do not have the funds or the proper skills and technique for a competition of this magnitude. Instead we will be competing in Orlando, FL in July for a more mainland and low key competition where I will be competing in the Tahitian solo division. That's where the 8 hours of Tahitian rehearsals come in!

Here's Poof looking handsome in his bowtie for Valentine's Day

I made Thomas this crepe cake with raspberries and honey lemon syrup. We devoured this thing and felt like fatties the rest of the evening. It was delicious.

I finally bought some pots and seeds over the weekend and started my super tiny balcony garden. These poor things have received little to no sun with all this crap weather lately. Hopefully they will sprout soon! I've got cilantro, basil, marigolds, tomatoes, beans, red peppers and lettucce.

More as the garden grows!