Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mamma Came to Town!

My lovely Mamma came in for a quick visit last weekend. She also braved sleeping on our barely 5ft long couch. Poof completely flipped out when she arrived. If he could talk I imagine he would have been yelling (in a french accent) "oh my god madame! is it really you!? are you really here!!!?"
So when she arrived Friday night we went straight to Hula class. It was nice having Tom and her there watching. I think it was the first time Thomas has ever really seen me hula dance.

Saturday morning we went to the Museum of Fine Arts (the type of museum I WISH I'd be working at!) and spent most of the dance roaming around the place. It was way bigger than I thought. Museum day was followed by delicious Tapatia tacos, wine & fancy cheese for dinner and then River Oaks (the Boca Raton of Houston...but probably a bit richer, think higher up oil company employees) for out of this world Christmas light displays!


I love this! Too funny!

Note to Madden: Pom found a gnome!

We found Santa too! Poof's first Santa experience! He thought Santa was sketchy individual.

Looks like coral. Every single branch was wrapped

We also went to Discovery Green and there happened to be some type of festival going on where Mom and I found an old pull down map like they had back when I was in elementary school!

My map collection is getting out of control already but I absolutely could not walk away without this. I'll take a picture of it once we hang it up.

Discovery Green ice skating rink!

We could pass for 12 year olds (minus Tom's beard). It's pathetic haha
These are all the pictures I have stolen from Mamma's camera. All in all it was a very fun time. Thanks for visiting Mom! I LOVE YOU! XOXO