Saturday, April 2, 2011

farmers TNT

Thomas came along to help out on the farm today and we both learned how to drive a 4 wheeler! He's obviously better at it than I am and didn't hesitate to brag about his "mad skills" all day long. We also used a seeder to spread grass seed all over muddy areas and trails up by the apple trees. Then we mulched and fertilized a terrace row of red and golden raspberries. This proved to be way more difficult than mulching the grapes. Since raspberries spread like wildfire, there are plants packed tightly everywhere along the row. Spreading mulch around them and trying not to get side swiped by a thorn is quite the delicate task.

This is Sage. The resident dog at Mountain Meadows farm. She sure is cute, but boy oh boy does she hate Poof. We brought Poof over to the farm with us today in hopes Sage could have a playmate but territorial issues and Poof's Napoleon complex got in the way of fun. Unfortunately that will be Poof's last visit to the farm.

Here she is attacking and/or playing with the cat.

Who cowers in fear and freezes into the fetal position.

eating lunch.

The view up the farm (forgot to take a picture below where all the berries are). Up here are all of the fruit trees. Up front are the pluots (no longer in bloom, they were so pretty last time!). And that big green tree at the top is an apple tree. There are more around it but this tree is a special type and I obviously can't seem to remember!

A stop along the road filled with pretty flowers!

It was pretty windy...

A house on the way up that we thought looked like the house from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" but now that I look it up I'm having second thoughts. Cool house nonetheless.

More to come!

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  1. can you steal that dog for me. he looks perfect! PLEASE?!!!!!