Sunday, August 29, 2010

Field Frolicking at Biltmore (TONS of pictures!)

I just realized I uploaded all of these pictures in the wrong order...oh well, no turning back now. So we went to the Biltmore estate with intentions of reading and relaxing somewhere but instead ended up frolicking through a Bamboo field (or is it forest?), a Sunflower field, AND (my ultimate dream!) a cornfield! Tom was a little snaphappy with the camera so here are most of his pictures in reverse order...

I don't think Poof enjoyed the cornfield very much, after wandering around (and me realizing a dog on a leash in a cornfield is a terrible idea) he probably thought to himself "ok, whatever, it's all the same) and promptly found his way out.

Tom being a scarecrow.

Excited and looking devious since I'm probably not supposed to go in there.

I couldn't not post this. Best Patapouf picture EVER. Hahahahhahahaha!! (Mom, show these ridiculous dog pictures to J.C. he'll love them !)

My favorite

No wait, this might be my favorite. Lovely Poof urinating on Biltmore property in front of all the cars driving by!

Once the wind started swaying these bamboos, it makes sense that there are some knocked over behind me. Glad I didn't get clocked in the head.

We were here the week before when most of the giant sunflowers (many probably over 6ft tall) were towards the end of their blooms


  1. man, those sunflower fields belong in my dreams. i LOVE them!!

  2. that cornfield is where i shot On the Water! except it was blue that day. fun trips! but thomas should always carry a beard.