Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July! Kyle & Chase are here!

Today will be marked in my calender as a day to remember. My little Poof Poof FINALLY conquered his fear of water!

But as you can see, we had a rough start..

A view along the hike. What's wrong with this picture??

Some lovely trailblazers left a useful note for other explorers. Thankfully, we never did see any nest.

A good half hour into the hike, we realized we had crossed the river a few times already and the red dots on trees we were supposed to follow seemed to have disappeared so we thought for a minute that the trail had ended. After all, the little boy who informed me about the trail did tell me it was "Little Bradley Falls."

Now I can't help but wonder the kinds of huge waterfalls this little boy has seen in his lifetime, because once we found our red dots and continued on, we came to this huge beauty...

While hanging out and gawking at nature's wonders, Chase decided to create his own "Sliding Rock"

The boys went to get a little closer, but I decided to chill at the bottom with Poof.

Water in slow-mo.

This was the beginning of the second trail "Big Bradley Falls" Unfortunately, this was a bust although there were a good amount of people a little bit everywhere on this trail. We followed the blue squares on trees but somehow ended up passing the important shift in direction, so we back-tracked and asked some people who led us down a path. This was quite the mistake and quite the task with a dog. We made it down, and got nowhere near the water since it was horrendously powerful and not very accessible. The climb back up was the ultimate test to my health and agility.
I failed.
It was the hardest thing ever.

With that, I really didn't take any worthwhile pictures other than this one.

So eventually we went back to our original river and cooled off our feet for a little bit.

It's a miracle! I promise you I didn't force him in. Halfway through our journey on the first trail, I put him down in a super shallow river in hopes he wouldn't freeze out of fear. I assume since we were ahead he just wanted to follow and eventually realized water really wasn't that scary.

I will leave you with a mushroom...

and some wild raspberries Kyle and I had to restrain ourselves from devouring just in case they were harmful.

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