Sunday, July 25, 2010

Graveyard Fields Hike

Saturdays are hike days. This week's adventure was along the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can do the 4 mile loop around, or just take shorter routes to the different waterfalls throughout the trail. We decided to just visit the upper falls but ended up walking about 4 miles total to and from. The loop would have been a tad smarter.

Crossing the river at the beginning

We crawled around the river for a while before starting the trail

Don't be fooled. This inviting and clear water is more like jumping into an Alaskan ice hole.

Once on the trail. It was a whole lot of this...

and tons of these pretty flowers but they were covered in bees. I'm surprised I managed a clear picture since I was pretty much going ballistic walking through it.

1.6 LONG miles later, we arrived to the local packed waterfall

I couldn't get close enough :(

Graveyard Fielfs is quite the local swimming hole. We thought everyone would be partying at the downtown Bele Chere festival but it felt like everyone congregated at Graveyard Fields instead. All in all it was great exercise but we preferred Bradley falls where we hiked along the river the entire time. This also is not such a good idea if you have a dog who has a Napoleon complex as tons of people hike with their pups without putting them on a leash.

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