Friday, June 18, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway

We went for a ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway today. Doubting Tom as to where we were going (as usual), we rode up on a gravel road with sharp turns and barely room for 2 lanes for what felt like forever...

This is before we hit that wonderful gravel road

Now I've never experienced a fear of heights in my entire life, but once I started looking down as we kept driving up and up I must admit I was starting to freak out.

Did the creators of the Blue Ridge Parkway know I fear tunnels!?

Up and up...
I believe we saw one of two wild turkeys around this point

A ridiculous picture of us in the car. Poof looking like an explorer

When we got to this viewing point, a very big and tough but very sweet biker dude offered to take our picture. He said we'd have to look like we actually liked each other. Here's our best attempt


Another lovely tunnel

Our highest point of travel.

Tennessee side

And lastly, Poof the Explorer at around 5,600 ft

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