Monday, June 21, 2010

Cernuda & Josh are in town!

Cernuda and Josh are in for a visit so we decided to go to sliding rock today!



And the fall...

Already freezing...

Let me just tell you...Once I fell into that pool. My lungs were in such shock from the cold that I couldn't breathe. It was scary. And did I mention the pool had a decent fish population in it? Luckily I handled that part pretty well which was quite surprising.

Cernuda looks like a straight up business man sliding down this thing. Look at that pose.

Josh looking holy!

Then we hiked up to Moore Cove Falls (I think?)

The view towards the top

Then we climbed to the top of it. This is Tom's worry face as I might be the clumsiest person on Earth. He was terrified I'd stub my toe or something and fall off the waterfall.

Cernuda the Hulk!

Slight rainbow down at the bottom

Next stop was Looking Glass Falls. This seemed to be where everyone went after sliding rock. The power of the water created the coldest wind that was enough to scare me away from getting any closer.

On a random note, these are the HUGE mushrooms in our yard. The picture really doesn't reflect their size. They are at least the size of my hand.

Walking to the mushrooms to take a picture, I almost stepped on the critter in this photo. Can you find him?

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  1. sliding rock looks amazing! i hope you love it a lot and will take me there.

    is you camera water proof? i don't get it!