Wednesday, August 17, 2011

some quick shots of the apartment

This is where we live...

For my momma who worries about the neighborhood I live in: It's a street full of lovely houses!

Here's the courtyard

And the living/main/dining room

modeling the couch

the "kitchen" or more like extremely tiny space good for preparing only frozen dinners. I'm constantly running into things in here. Things get ridiculous when two people and a dog are crammed in. Makes for interesting cooking experiences. Just don't turn or make any sudden movements with a knife in hand!

The empty looking bedroom which is surprisingly pretty large. We have a big desk to the right of the bed. Lots of space! 3 closets!

For Aunt Carol:

Tom insisted on taking a picture of our fridge

Our outgoing mailbox. It gets the job done.

And here's the little monster after his brawl with the neighbors sweet little dog Bella. They were friends hanging out in the courtyard for hours until bad looks where exchanged and Poof decided to attack for no good reason. He got what he deserved (a huge huge gash above his eye that I thought would require some serious stitches...and getting beat by a girl half his size) but it healed up shut by morning. It also did some serious damage to my wallet for the vet bill the next morning. Oh, Poof.

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