Monday, August 15, 2011

The Long Drive Out

And so begins the lengthy post of a not so interesting and never ending drive to Texas from Asheville. Here are a few highlights...

This was my rear view mirror view. Thank heavens for Mamma Joanie and Da transporting 75% of our stuff first to Florida then to Texas! We would have had to leave nearly everything behind without her! Thomas' car was packed to capacity with artwork alone!

We drove from Asheville, NC to Mobile, AL on our first day. That's a total of 543 miles and 9 hours! 9 hours of a whole lotta nothing to look at! Flat lands sure made me miss the mountains pretty quickly. Here's an amazingly high bridge we crossed to get to Mobile. It really looks teeny tiny in this picture though!

We met up with the Calder parentals in Mobile and had an awesome night of pretty tasty hotel buffet with 3 free beers and margaritas per person!! Alabama folk sure are friendly and Poof loved hotel life. Our room on the second floor gave him perfect views of the hot ladies swimming in the pool. He was constantly looking out the window.

Day 2 consisted of 468 miles in 8 hours from Mobile, Alabama to Houston, Texas. We crossed through Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana in 2 hours time since you are driving through the smallest portions of those states. I think this picture was in Mississippi.

This one's for my momma. Mississippi loves this Canadian hunk!!

I was surprised at how many signs driving through Louisiana were really in French! Pretty cool!

My first glimpse of water! I think we drove on bridges over the Gulf and wetlands 85% of the time through Louisiana. However, I had no idea how long the state was and gotta pretty bored after the first hour.

But then we drove through New Orleans!

the superdome!

After that...there were more bridges.

Follow that Texas trailor!

Biggest bird's nest I've ever seen.

Poof provided little to no entertainment on this trip. He was probably exhausted from the rollercoaster of emotions leading up to our departure. I'm convinced he thought we were leaving him in Asheville! I couldn't load anything in the car or go in the garage without him speeding down the stairs, sitting patiently by the car door and jumping in as soon as he could every time I opened it. Not to mention the sheer joy once he realized we were definitely not leaving him behind. But a few hours in he probably realized he was in it for the long haul and got bored. I only wish I could've heard his thoughts when he found out there was a whole other day of driving after the first one. Here's the mentally exhausted dog.

Crossing the mighty Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, LA.

Fun Louisiana signs for my family to giggle at:

Oh, how I thought this sign would never come! Woohoo! Finally!

Fun facts:
Total mileage- 1,024
Total travel time- 2 full days of driving/17 hours
States driven through- North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas...SIX!
Average outdoor temperature throughout drive- probably 101F

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