Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm so excited for Houston, I can hardly contain myself! I'm ready to try out big city life. I'm ready for a massive road trip halfway across the country. I'm ready to start exploring "The West!"

Houston, here we come!!!

We have yet to secure a place to live but we have narrowed it to the Montrose area. It's less than 5 miles from the university of Houston downtown campus. There are plenty of hip small apartments, houses, and plexes that we are in to. My only concern is being able to somehow grow things. Whether it is on an apartment balcony or in an actual yard. Montrose is known as the "hip" neighborhood with lots of thrift & antique stores, restaurants, bars, art galleries, and crazy street art like this!

a vortex/tunnel built connecting two neighboring condemned houses with scrap wood!

I'll be shopping at this local produce market. I cook too much so this is my absolute dream market. Bins and bins of produce, spices, and more.

I'll be witnessing some seriously awesome sunsets. We'll see if they'll top what I've seen in South Florida over the years.

I'll be back near the wetlands. Gators, snakes, and lizards oh my!

Apparently their are fields of wildflowers all along the way to Austin. It's less than 3 hours away and I've heard nothing but great things about that city.

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm excited about the beach? Galveston Beach here I come!!!!!!

I plan on conquering the Texas coast.

Less than a month to go!!!

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  1. Hey Tati and Thomas! I am enjoying your blog. I love all the photos on your way to Texas. Was the Mississippi River awesome or could you tell? Maybe you don't have time to look as you are driving across. You got the apartment fixed up in record time I think! Poor Poof didn't want to get left behind but perhaps after two days in the car he was re-thinking that???? :)

    Love you both! Happy Trails to You!!
    Aunt Carol