Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Bees

Our good friends Chase and Ramona joined us for a fun filled Memorial day weekend. We hiked, went downtown, played some games (arcade games, trivial pursuit, apples to apples, and croquet), baked some sweets, and bbqd. The boys were initially deeply concerned about germs and rust on the tiny old bbq in the basement closet, Ramona and I talked them into cleaning it and having an impromptu all-American holiday bbq. So we put on our Sunday's best and ran off to Wal-Mart to buy our supplies. Here's the two of them pretending to be manly. Tacky lawn chairs, beer, firing up a grill followed by blank stares and " what?"

We grilled up some garlic buttered corn

had some hot dogs

and some yummy veggies

During the middle of an intense croquet game, a kamikaze bug decided to commit suicide in my eye. This might have been the most painful and startling thing I've ever experienced. After 5+ minutes of me screaming at Thomas to get it out and forcing myself to cry in hopes the tears would wash it out...I ended up having to run inside to a mirror. At this point I no longer felt it and we saw nothing so Thomas concluded it was out. But I wouldn't settle until I saw it out. I pulled down my bottom eyelid and sure enough there was the dead bug. Bigger than I thought. This led to more screaming and another couple of minutes trying to scrape it out. Here's the perpetrator. The picture doesn't do the bug size justice.
Not exactly sure what this is about

Ramona really loves Poof

Karate spoon chopping Thomas for being a creepy paparazzi

This is what heaven looks like to me

Saturday we went on a hike to the Laurel River. This is the "beach" we frequent...

This is the same beach during high tide. Who knew rivers changed this drastically!

Poof was quite happy to be back outside hiking and splashing around in rivers

Perfectly balancing tree. Looks like asparagus to me.

Some spring flowers

And I'll leave you all with this fabulous picture I took of Mr. Calder

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