Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis the season...

Alright, so I caved. So what? Those of you who know me well enough know that I am not a Christmas person. BUT even though we are heading down to Florida for the holidays, I couldn't accept the thought of not making a bit of an effort to decorate the house. I'll be enjoying our sparkly tree for the next 18 days thank you very much!

Since I don't have any ornaments of my own (and I'm too scared to go into the attic to get some Calder relics) I decided make an easy garland with some Christmas stamps. Making bunting turned out to be a pretty long project but it came out great!

I found some cute reindeer friends for Patapouf in the closet but he wasn't being too friendly.

On another note, here is my first sewing project without mother dearest. I've noticed that now I just whine and abuse the machine instead of yelling "MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!" But eventually I gather myself and look up the answers to my problems online. Oh how the internet is a useful tool!

Here is my stocking:

And Tom's (which already has treats inside! Lucky guy!):

Tom says they need our names on them so I think I'll go buy some puff paint instead of sewing on each letter. I also found this Santa dog hat in the Christmas tree box! No clue where it came from (maybe my second favorite dog in the whole world Tres? But I don't think Dee would dress up his dog)

Anyways, he wasn't having it.

So I leave you with this

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  1. This is great Sweety the stockings turned out beautiful and the tree too!