Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cleaning up after Autumn

Autumn has proven to be a lot of work! We spent our Sunday afternoon raking up the yard thinking it would be enough time to get it all clean and lookin' good but we only managed to rake and bag about 1/4 of it!
Poof likes to go through the leaves. He tends to dive in and do his business in the piles on the side of the road. Note to self: Never jump in those. Ever.

We managed to get a little bit more than this done by dark after a friendly neighbor walking by with his dog and pet goat told us we didn't have to bag the leaves because the vacuum truck comes and clears your piles if you have them by the road! So 15+ bags later we turned into raking superheros in order to get as much of the mess as we could down to the street in time for the truck the next day. I intended on snapping a photo of the humongous pile the next morning but the vacuum beat me to it!

The process begins again in a week or two since the intense winds have nearly rid the trees of the rest of their leaves. At least we're getting some great exercise!

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