Sunday, October 10, 2010

Asheville Zombiewalk!

on 10.10.10 zombies took to the streets of downtown Asheville!

This was Poof's first downtown experience. It probably wasn't the best idea when there are 350 zombies and tons of spectators running around. Poor little guy was terrified.

Hipster zombie. He totally did the wobbly wobbly!

Check out this little guy in the red backpack taking pictures. He couldn't have been older than 10 and he was in the middle of the road facing these monsters head on taking pictures! I wasn't as brave as he was. The zombies loved messing with photographers.

Well he sure met his match with this one!

Creepiest little girl ever.

This is a rare picture. These zombies happened to be the hardest subjects I've ever tried to capture. They were way too fast (which in my opinion is pretty un-zombie like). This only shows the difference it makes when one of them actually stops.

"Smoker Doper" zombie

The mountains on our way home


  1. bah, i totally commnted on this and it wouldn't let me post the comment. now ijust feel like i'm repeating myself...

    1.) Deanna was totally at this. she was an 80's roller skating zombie!!

    2.) i was thinking about being a zombie for halloween, but i don't know if i can pull it off after seeing this

    3.) i'm really jealous. this is amazing.

    4.) thomas doesn't look very zombie like. neither does poof!

  2. 1) I saw a roller skating one but it wasn't her! :(

    2) she was probably the number that called me that day but i still don't have all of my old numbers entered in my phone. lame!

    3) Tom says he was unzombie in order to protect Poof! and I was unzombie in order to take pictures lol

    4) when the heck are you coming to visit!??!?