Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Updates on life

This is my front door garden. This is what I do every day in hopes I'll score some food.

I also had my first Polynesian dance show in Texas! I performed in the Tahitian section. Here's the only photo I managed to get of us looking not so sexy.

I also made my first ever batch of macaroons this weekend. They turned out ugly but super tasty:


On another note, I was blessed with a too short visit from Vanessa last weekend! We high-tailed it out of Houston and spent a glorious weekend in Austin! 

I'm also really horrible at taking anything but cheap cellphone pictures lately. 

Unfortunately I didn't bother to document our first day of our Austin Girls Weekend. It goes a little something like this: 

After a 2.5 hour girly chit chat car ride, we arrived within our hotel radius only to have me absolutely baffled at how to actually enter the hotel parking lot. After circling the highway at least 4 times we managed to get into the "Extended Stay America." Apparently the name of this place was supposed to be my first red flag indicator. The dirt cheap price should have been number 2. We entered into a swanky hotel lobby got our key cards, paid our dues and excited to pee, got into the elevator which ever so sweetly smelled of cigarettes. Oddly enough I noticed driving in that a lot of the hotel windows were open. I assumed it was because it was a such a nice day out. Wrong, the 4th floor reaked of cigs. People were definitely trying to air out their rooms. While I was busy opening the windows just like everyone else in the hotel, Vanessa screamed bloody murder at the sight of some large prehistoric bug straight chillin' in the sink. We got a refund without hesitation and high tailed it out of there.

I kid you not we drove around Austin for 2 hours trying to find a hotel room. The entire city of Austin was fully booked. The occasion? Bob Marley Fest and some kind of dragon boat racing. Odd. Eventually we sat in a Hilton parking lot with about 1% left of my cellphone battery calling every single hotel in the Austin area and I yelled "I WILL FIND A HOTEL ROOM *^&*^&*!!" and sweet little Morgan from Springhill Suites answered our prayers. We scored the last hotel room available for our budgeted price. PHEW!

Plus, fruit infused water and chupa chup lollipops in the lobby and free TEXAS sized breakfast!!

Our morning waffle:
Followed by an intense BBQ lunch and Shiner beer:

Followed by thoughts of near death at having to consume this sourdough, cream cheese, banana, brown sugar donut afterwards:

We went to Hamilton Pools which looks like a sink hole beach with a waterfall:

The only picture of Vanessa and I from Austin Girls Weekend :(

Fields of Cacti

Desert lizard

The drive to Austin had fields of pretty flowers but I had to resist my frolicking since there are hidden cacti ready to attack

Next time I'll have to take more pictures downtown. If Asheville and Palm Springs had a baby it would be Austin. I absolutely love it. So much to see and do. Young people everywhere and everyone seemingly loves to be outdoors even if it feels like your flesh is burning off. Super fun trip filled with one of my favorite people and wayyyy too much food. I had a hard time recovering. To Friends and Family...but mostly my blog lovin' brother, I promise to take more legit pictures and update this thing more. Cinco de Mayo is this weekend and we are ready for some serious margaritas!!!


  1. Some pretty stuff. But you had me at "dragon boat racing". I feel like we should have explored that more.

  2. I still heart your pictures, and you look so good!!!`1!! I've heard nice things about Austin, I think I would like to check it out...

    And kudos on making macrons! I haven't tried to do that just yet, they look so yummy. I want to, but they look a seem a tad complicated.