Monday, November 14, 2011

Things to do in Texas

In an effort to motivate myself to go out and really explore Texas when we are not insanely busy...I'm posting some future adventures to look forward to! Grad school is definitely hectic. I'm anxiously awaiting Tom's winter break for some adventures!

Here's the problem with Texas though, this state is way too damn big. Everything is hours and hours away and it seems like Houston is not the best place to be if you are looking for outdoor adventures. Central Texas seems to be a good location for access to state parks and some nature. Here are some things I'd like to visit within my 3 year stay in Texas:

Pedernales Falls State Park (4 hours)

Enchanted Rock State Park (4.5 hours)

Marfa, Texas for some alien lights (10 hours)

The San Antonio RiverWalk (3.5 hours)

Big Bend National Park (10 hours)

I've always wanted to cross the border into Mexico by car and drive through small Mexican towns and meet people and then somehow go see the Crystal Caves in Chihuahua. I really really love Mexico. Here's to hoping it gets safer to cross into.

I'd like to pass by Cadillac Ranch one day (10 hours)

The Alamo (in San Antonio, 3.5 hours)

Wildflowers are a huge deal in Hill Country. Apparently you see Bluebonnets all along the highway driving to Austin in March. Can't wait!

and the Houston Aquarium and the Zoo!! (2 minute drive! YAY!)

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