Monday, September 5, 2011

Surfside vs. Galveston Beach

Ok, so I've been slacking on this blog thing lately. My excuse? I work this funky Tuesday-Saturday schedule that I'm still adjusting to and I have a ridiculously bad internet connection. It takes forever to load pictures but today is a good internet day so here I am!

Now I know I've been ranting and raving about living near a beach and how wonderful it will be BUT as great as Galveston Beach is...I find myself seriously missing the mountains. I'm starting to think I might be a mountain lovin' country girl at heart.

Anyway, this is Surfside Beach. It was the first beach we visited in Texas. Long story short, very cute and quaint colorful stilt beach houses on one side, oil refineries on the other. The trick is to just make sure you don't turn to the right and see those ugly factories. We were strongly recommended to this beach over Galveston for smaller crowds, local feel, and nice sand and water. Hmmm....

Don't you just love the scenic beauty of oil rigs?

While the water looked like one too many kids did an accidental "number 2" in was perfect temperature and gave the sand a really pretty reddish color.

Refineries on the left

We don't own this amazing contraption...but some guy let us use it for the rest of the afternoon! Chairs included!

Part of the insanely long jetty

Cute beach houses

Fast forward a week later and this is Galveston Beach...

Miles of sand, clearer water, low tides, no crowds on a weekend, free parking on the side of the road, and reggae music blasting from the restaurant shack on the pier. It was great!

Poof absorbing his first real beach experience (Wiggling out of his leash as a pup and running onto A1A in Hollywood and almost getting killed doesn't count). He loved it, but I'm assuming he was just so happy to get out of our super tiny apartment!

He poses for the camera...seriously.

Dead pelican, feathers and all next to our sitting area. Wonder how that happened.

Dead fish not a foot away from his mouth. He most definitely escaped being swallowed up by the bird...but didn't seem to make it much longer

Lovin' life

Tyson & Tom throwin' a little football

Thumbs up for Galveston

Sunset in the city

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