Saturday, March 12, 2011


A few random photos I've been meaning to put up...

After months of staring at the recipe, I finally attempted my first Piece Montée. Here's a photo of the end result. For my first try I think I did pretty well! Only the spun sugar looks a bit yucky and was left to cook for a little too long so it turns absolutely rock hard, making this pretty difficult (and painful) to eat.

Here's Poof celebrating Mardi Gras. Should of got him some Abita beer.

My cucumber plant, which has doubled in size within the past week.

Poof also likes to sunbathe throughout the house. I meant to take a progression of pictures as the sunlight moves throughout the house since he follows it around. He starts here in the den and ends up in the far end of the living room. Strange creature.

The first and probably only time I will ever beat Tom in Scrabble.

Oh yea.

And I'm off!

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  1. Love Pouf Pouf with his beads. Your croque en bouche looks delicious.